[Latingp] Chatroom notes from Latin GP call - 25 April, 2017

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Dear All,
During Latin GP meeting today it was suggested that the GP should meet weekly to make faster progress, and most of the members on the call agreed.  Thus, we will be moving to a weekly schedule from now onwards, on same time and day.
I will send a revised invitation shortly with the updated schedule.
Talk to many of you next week.

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Hi All,
Here are the notes from the chat room during our call on 25 April, 2017:

Sarmad Hussain: Hello All.
Mirjana Tasic .rs: Hello everybody
Fiammetta Caccavale: Hello
Mats Dufberg: Good day, everybody.
Michael Bauland: hello
Bill Jouris: Good morning all
Mirjana Tasic .rs: I ' ll try to connect using phone
Sarmad Hussain: @Mirjana - OK
Meikal Mumin: Hello everyone
Dennis Tan: Hello, good morning
Sarmad Hussain: please mute your mics if you are not speaking.
Sarmad Hussain: thanks
Sarmad Hussain: @Fiammetta - please mute your mic/phone
Mirjana Tasic .rs: Yes I hear you
Fiammetta Caccavale: yes, sorry
Mirjana Tasic .rs: No that is nit me
Fiammetta Caccavale: is it better now?
Mirjana Tasic .rs: Yes but I am trying to connect by phone
Michael Bauland: yes
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:06) -----------------
Meikal Mumin: I cannot connect myself (as last time) because the dialing codes are not being accepted by the computer on the other end - when I press 1 on the keypad to join, I am not being connected
Sarmad Hussain: please share your phone no. and I can call out to you
Mirjana Tasic .rs: My phone no is +381-60  0120550
Meikal Mumin: Meanwhile when trying to dial out to a landline/local number, I do not recieve any callback
Meikal Mumin: I had the same issues during our last call  - sorry, but I assume there is some issue with the telco provider behind adobe connect
Michael Bauland: @Meikal: for me it worked. I got a call to my landline
Sarmad Hussain: Seems like dial out is not working from here either
Meikal Mumin: @Michael - Dunno :(
Mats Dufberg: If things are not working, should we cancel today's meeting?
Sarmad Hussain: was able to dial out to Meikal
Sarmad Hussain: but not Mirjana
Mats Dufberg: I suggest that we instead plan to have meeting every week so that one lost meeting does not "hurt" as much and so that we get more progress.
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:12) -----------------
Michael Bauland: sounds good
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:16) -----------------
Meikal Mumin 2: We should make sure that the times do not collide
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:21) -----------------
Mats Dufberg: What is the URL of the latest version of the proposal on Googl Docs?
Fiammetta Caccavale: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-b-lpjzhH37Za6-cU0GS09rJ0EnfrTEhBuXES0z5kHQ/edit?usp=sharing
Fiammetta Caccavale: should be this
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:23) -----------------
Sarmad Hussain: First two weeks seem to be developing the groups
Sarmad Hussain: Group1 and Group2
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:26) -----------------
Ahmed Bakht: Sorry I have to go for another meeting conflicting with this call
Ahmed Bakht: I will follow through recording
Meikal Mumin 2: I didn't get it Mirjana
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:34) -----------------
Hazem Hezzah: Hello, sorry for being late.
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:48) -----------------
Michael Bauland: sounds good to me
Fiammetta Caccavale: I agree
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:51) -----------------
Dennis Tan: +1 Sarmad re: information comments after developing criteria, then after repertoire, variant and wle rules
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:55) -----------------
Bill Jouris: Can do
----------------- (04/25/2017 17:57) -----------------
Michael Bauland: In two weeks there is the ICANN GDD summit in Madrid. Is somebody there to meet in person?
Michael Bauland: I won't be able to join the call then
Mats Dufberg: I suggest a Doodle to see if the members can attend a meeting every week.
----------------- (04/25/2017 18:00) -----------------
Dennis Tan 2: @Michael... I'll be in Madrid
Meikal Mumin 2: Generally Ok for me
Bill Jouris: Every week seems like a good idea.  However painful 5 AM is for me, I think it would get us moving along faster.
Mats Dufberg: OK for meeting every week.
Fiammetta Caccavale: I usually work, but I think I will be able to change my timetable. So I think I will be able to join
Hazem Hezzah: will try to join, but can't be committed every week.
Dennis Tan 2: Ok for me, for most weeks
Bill Jouris: If the time works for everybody else, I can cope with it.
Michael Bauland: I could join a call every week
Mats Dufberg: Thank you! Bye.
Dennis Tan 2: Good bye
Hazem Hezzah: Thank you, bye
Meikal Mumin 2: Thanks. Bye
Bill Jouris: Bye
Fiammetta Caccavale: Thanks, bye

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