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I should have been more explict in my previous mail. The code point U+1E3D is PVALID and of Letter category. It has been excluded from MSR2, but it is of the same type and shape as many other included code points.

It is attested by a language in our selection of languages.


This is a status report of my processing of the repertoire document(*). It takes longer time for me to process than I thought, but I still hope to have it done before next meeting.

As I write this, row 336 is the last line I have processed. That line is interesting because the code point is attested, but it is *not* in MSR2. It was incorrectly added and marked as in MSR2 and had wrong description. This is a *new* case, not any of the cases we have looked at before.




I have, as stated above, processed up and including row 336. In column B you will see the "final review", which is the result of my review. If it says "ok" everything looks well and the code point (sequence) is OK to include.

If it says "no attest" none of the languages that we have investigated use that code point (as a character). I have then copied the row to tab "removed from main data" and stricken through. These case should not be a problem.

If it says something else in that column, it could be worth looking at. In some of those cases I have consider it to be not attested and done as with "no attest".

If anyone can look at all rows before row 336 which has neither "ok" nor "not attest" in column B it would be a help to improve quality.


*) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Sj2moWEw4YFLFTcvsiRpjsQRyLZJ7SCnlF78OSYQg04/edit#gid=778535057

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