[Latingp] Second draft: How to process Latin letters in specific languages

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Wed Feb 1 14:25:47 UTC 2017

I agree on a sample of 2 languages per volunteer so that we can provide feedback by our next meeting.

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    Dear all,
    I agree with Michael. If we all investigate 1-2 languages then we can some material to work with to create an estimation within a few weeks. 10 languages will take much longer time.
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    Dear Mirjana,
    > As I looked a little bit in the table and procedure, my opinion is that
    > every willing member could take at least 10 languages for processing. 
    > Processing 10 languages will give us better estimation how much time is
    > needed for all languages.
    In the phone call we agreed to first work on 2 languages. I think we
    should stick with that decision. If we now all have to do 10 languages,
    this will only postpone the time until the group can get seated by
    ICANN. For a rough estimate 2 languages should suffice.
    With 2 languages we could have the results available for the next phone
    call (or the one after that), but with 10 this will likely take several
    more weeks. At least I am not in a position to work full-time on this
    project - though, you could try to talk my boss into changing this. ;-)
    > I am asking willing members to send me a note , and I shall allocate to
    > each willing member a block of 10 languages in the table.
    I would be willing to take 2 as a start. If it turns out that the work
    is done within a few minutes, then of course I can take more afterwards,
    but I doubt it.
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