[Latingp] Table with EGDIS = 3,4 languages ready for work

Mirjana Tasić Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs
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Hello MIchael,

Sarmad gave you some responses to your questions.

Sarmad suggested  that we keep track of two letter usage, for furter processing. We have not provided yet the space where to note the two letter combinations, and what data on this combinations are needed to note. I think we need a proposal for this part of work. It might be new spreadsheet in the table LatinPart-MSR2-Attestation.V6. Any ideas?

For the rest of your questions, please read my insructions sent yesterday. I do not think that we should colour at this particular moment that the processing of letters is complete, I suggested to note in column "Ref" of the spreadshit the initials of the person who identified the letter.

We might need extra work to attest a specific letter with CLDR. I am not familiar with it, I shall try to find something about it.

Regards Mirjana.


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Hi all,

I have some questions on how to proceed when processing a language:

1. The language has two notations/spellings, an old one and a new one (since 1978). Do we just look at the new one?

2. I found a letter that is actually a combination of two letters ("ny"). Since the language has both "n" and "y", I would think, we just ignore this. Or do we have to keep track of this for later variant rules?

3. When filling a red line in our "Latin part of MSR2 with attestation"
table, should we re-colour the line black or leave it red?

Thanks for your help.


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