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Thanks Ahmed, I don`t have the group`s 4 yr experience and I won`t comment
on a process I`m not familiar with.  I only met David Olive at a recent
event and he asked me to join the Latin panel and that`s what I did. I
respond to Procedures mostly in the form of questions.

4 Haz 2017 16:39 tarihinde "Ahmed Bakhat" <ahmedbakhat at yahoo.com> yazdı:

> I raised the issue during the to meeting work on Repertoire, as this group
> has yet not started its meetings, to devise principles for inclusion /
> exclusion, so ghat we should have solid grounds to include code points.
> Furthermore, some one has to present on behalf of the group, what we have
> done and what is the way forward.
> Regarding my email containing draft principles, I wanted to communicate
> that before going for any strategy ( either inclusion of code ponits on the
> basis of language or on the basis of MSR) we should have principles for it.
> In my perception it would be easy to go for MSR is much easy as compared to
> languages, as it would take years to finish 180 languages.
> It doesn't mean at all that we will start from zero, Marjina has already
> done most of the work,  so we can quickly go through it and work on rest of
> the code points.
> Best Regards,
> Ahmed Bakht
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