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If you start with MSR -- or actually MSR2 -- and try to find languages that support the inclusion of its code points you would never be able to confirm that no code points outside of MSR2 that are needed to support the languages that the Latin GP wants to support. I do not say that such code points will be included, but we should be aware of any limitation in the support of the languages that are claimed to be supported.

If there is any code point in MSR2 not used by any language we would have to investigate every language anyway to confirm that the code point can be excluded.

Besides the Latin code points there are non-spacing marks that are used in combination with Latin code points. Those combinations could have different status in language, either being considered to be a character on its own or being a modified character. In the repertoire that the Latin GP suggests that such non-spacing marks are limited to just those combinations that are really used in the languages that the group wants to support. To find those combinations we have to investigate all languages.

Another aspect is that the method of going code point by code point in MS2 requires that we already know where to find what we are looking for. And when you start studying the material for a language, the hardest step can be to find sources and understanding what they say. After that it could be more straight forward to extract the characters. -- I do not claim that the task is simple. In my work for ICANN Pre-Delegation Testing, I have already done that. There are many grey areas, but that is our task to dig into.

There is no other way than going through all the languages.


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I raised the issue during the to meeting work on Repertoire, as this group has yet not started its meetings, to devise principles for inclusion / exclusion, so ghat we should have solid grounds to include code points. Furthermore, some one has to present on behalf of the group, what we have done and what is the way forward.

Regarding my email containing draft principles, I wanted to communicate that before going for any strategy ( either inclusion of code ponits on the basis of language or on the basis of MSR) we should have principles for it. In my perception it would be easy to go for MSR is much easy as compared to languages, as it would take years to finish 180 languages.
It doesn't mean at all that we will start from zero, Marjina has already done most of the work,  so we can quickly go through it and work on rest of the code points.

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Ahmed Bakht

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