[Latingp] Minutes from the conference call , June 13th, 2017

Mirjana Tasić Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs
Wed Jun 14 14:52:01 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

Here are some notes from the Latin GP conference call held on June 13th, 2017.
If I missed some discussions, please correct me.
Comments, corrections, suggestions are very appreciated.

Regards Mirjana


I.        Roll call
II.      Short report from Variant group
III.    Short report from Repertoire group
IV.    Agenda for the Istanbul meeting
V.      AOB


I.        Roll call:
Following GP members were present on the call:

Ahmed Bakht
Bill Jouris
Dennis Tan
Hazem Hazzeh
Jean Paul
Mats Dufberg
Meikal Mumin
Michael Bouland
Mirjana Tasić
Sarmad Hussain

Excused: none

II.      Short report from the Variant group
Denis (or Bill?) has reported that the group has prepared document for F2F meeting. Draft Variants document is available at


Group is preparing Power Point presentation, too.

III.    Short report from Repertoire group

Mirjana gave short report on progress in repertoire group. Group has prepared some working material for collecting experience in processing languages. This experience will be useful during discussions on Principles for inclusion and exclusion of Repertoire code points.

Working material could be found on Google docs:




Draft Instructions

Draft principles for inclusion and exclusion of Repertoire code points

GP members are free to add their comments and suggestions to this document. It is very useful to have some comments before F2F meeting, especially from GP members who will not be present in person during F2F meeting.

Meikal mentioned that Mirjana suggested in her previous instructions to Repertoire group, that every member was asked to process 3-5 languages, instead 1-2, before F2F meeting.
Please, Repertoire group members, try to process 1-2 languages before F2F meeting using the document Draft instructions.

IV.    Agenda for the Istanbul meeting

After some discussion on Agenda for Istanbul meeting, GP members have agreed that one second day time slot, should be devoted to Instructions how to attest letters in Latin repertoire.

Sarmad updated Agenda accordingly:


V.      AOB

GP members have discussed the transport from Ataturk airport to the hotel. Sarmad will provide some information about it in mail.

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