[Latingp] Notes from the F2F meeting, March 14th, Copenhagen

Mirjana Tasić Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs
Wed Mar 15 19:09:01 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

Here are some notes from the F2F meeting in Copenhagen held on March 14th, 2017.
I am asking Mats, Michael and Sarmad to correct and clarify these notes, if I did not understand something correctly, or forgot some important facts to note.

Regards Mirjana
Following GP members were present on the meeting:

Mats Dufberg
Michael Bauland
Mirjana Tasić
Sarmad Hussain
Danko Jevtović

Some names from audience:
Zarko Kecić
Nenad Marinković
Asmus Freytag
Marc Blanchet
Dušan Stojičević
Yaovi Atohoun
Mohamed Shehu
Dmitry Kohmanyuk
Some more …..

  1.  After the presentation of Latin GP, during the discussion, there were some recommendations and suggestions given by Asmus Freytag that are important for future work of Latin GP:

·         If there are suggestions to include some cases where Latin is used for transliterations, we must find examples how it is used for creating domain names.  (Pinyin for example)
·         The attestation of Latin code points should be organized in the most expedite way. It is to the panel to organize itself. May be to group languages by EGIDS and number of people who speak this language, and to do it in a few rounds.
·         GP should focus on everyday use of the languages that will be processed, not to chase staff that does not fit in the scope of the project
·         There is an error in number of Latin code points in MSR 2, it should be something around 326 with diacritics (mea culpa, Mirjana checked it, and made mistake, someone other than Mirjana should recheck the table)
·         It is expected from Latin GP to give preliminary list of homoglyphs between Latin, Cyrillic, Armenian and Greek alphabet. This is necessary to include finished LGR for Armenian and Cyrillic scripts in Root zone LGR.
·         Latin GP should try to consider different level of glyph similarities

  1.  Some people from Africa has been invited to take part in Latin GP face to face meeting to offer them to engage themselves in the work of Latin panel, or to spread the word that Latin GP need volunteers from Africa region.
  2.  It is agreed to organize Latin GP Face to Face meeting in Belgrade in May. RNIDS, national domain registry of Serbia will provide working space and refreshments for this meeting, ICANN IDN project will consider the number of sponsored travel and hotel expenses for GP members.

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