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Dear Dennis, thanks.
Then, I will not send out the doodle poll for the variant group.

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Dear Mirjana and Sarmad,
Bill and I talked after the call and decided that I will chair the variant work group and Bill will be vice-chair.
I will be sending out a doodle poll to the wg.
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Dear All,
Here are the chat notes from today’s meeting.

----------------- (05/16/2017 17:04) -----------------
Mats Dufberg: Nothing is shared.
Mats Dufberg: Either group for me.
Fiammetta Caccavale: I actually responded saying that I would like to paticipate in the Repertoire, if possible
Meikal Mumin: Hello
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:06) -----------------
Fiammetta Caccavale: I thought I send you an email, sorry if there was a problem with it
Fiammetta Caccavale: perfect
Mats Dufberg: I suggest that I join the repertoire group.
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:10) -----------------
Dennis Tan: +1 Sarmad's scheduling suggestion
Mats Dufberg: I think Sarmad's suggestion sounds fine.
Michael Bauland: ok for me
Hazem Hezzah: working for me
Fiammetta Caccavale: I agree
NPK: <alternate weeks?>
NPK: <agree>
Michael Bauland: I don't need to be the chair. I just said, that if no one else could be found to lead it, then I could do it
Bill Jouris: Maybe we could cut cards for it...?
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:17) -----------------
NPK: <good idea>
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:20) -----------------
Bill Jouris: I'm fine with the additional work.  Dennis, are you intent on the chair?
Mats Dufberg: How many will join the F2F meeting?
Sarmad Hussain: 12 participants in person
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:23) -----------------
Dennis Tan: @Bill, I'm fine with the work load too. Maybe we can share responsibilities, so that we ensure coverage should schedule conflicts arise
NPK: <how were the previous F2F meetings?>
Mats Dufberg: I suggest that we have some kind of work shop session where we descuss actual analysis of variants and repertoire, respectively. The goal is to make the group to work in similar way when analysing.
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:25) -----------------
Michael Bauland: @Dennis,Bill: Sounds great. Two leaders and one member. :-)
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:26) -----------------
Mats Dufberg: I can hear Sarmad well.
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:27) -----------------
Bill Jouris: @Michael, so we delegate all the actual work to you... :-)
Sarmad Hussain: Should there be additional sessions?  E.g. a training on XML representation and tool?
NPK: I have to disconnect now, apologies to the chair and the participants
Sarmad Hussain: LGR tool
Sarmad Hussain: for converting our data to XML
Mats Dufberg: Yes, I think it is good if we go through how the result should be delivered.
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:30) -----------------
Meikal Mumin: Dear Mirjana. For clarification, I was planning on joining both groups, chairing neither. If the work becomes too much, I would focus on the repertoire group, and leave the variants group. Thanks
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:31) -----------------
Michael Bauland: Yeah, two leaders, two workers. :-)
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:32) -----------------
Hazem Hezzah: Please also add some primary topics to the template that should be discussed during the meeting.
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:34) -----------------
Hazem Hezzah: May be how to create the Reportoie table, and how to define variants, so we all are working on the same idea
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:36) -----------------
Hazem Hezzah: Exactly :)
----------------- (05/16/2017 17:38) -----------------
Michael Bauland: thanks. good bye
Hazem Hezzah: Thnak you, Bye
Ahmed Bakht: Thanks a lot every one
Ahmed Bakht: Bye
Fiammetta Caccavale: thank you everybody
Bill Jouris: Bye
Dennis Tan: thank you, bye
Sarmad Hussain: thanks.  Bye all.
Mirjana Tasic .rs: Bye all
Meikal Mumin: bye all

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