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Dear GP members,

I am sending again my yesterday mail with minutes, because I did not get the copy of this mail.
Sorry for this exta mail, I dont know what went wrong.

Regadrs Mirjana

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Subject: Minutes - Phone call on May the 16, 2017.

Dear colleagues,

Here are some notes from the conference call held on May the 16, 2017.
Sorry I am late with notes.
Comments, corrections, suggestions are very appreciated.

Regards Mirjana


  1.  Roll call
  2.  Organization of Repertoire and Variant Group
  3.  AOB


  1.  Roll call:
Following GP members were present on the call:

Bill Jouris
Dennis Tan
Fiammetta  Caccavale
Michael Bauland
Nebiye Petek Kurtböke
Sarmad Hussain
Dennis Tan
Meikal Mumin
Mats Dufberg
Mirjana Tasić

  1.  Organization of Repertoire and Variant Group
After some discussion Variant and Repertoire group were organized:

Repertoire group members:

  *   Nebiye Petek Kurtböke(chair)
  *   Ahmed
  *   Fiammetta
  *   Hazzem
  *   Meikal
  *   Mats
  *   Mirjana
  *   Ousmane
  *   Tran Canh
  *   Violet

Variant group members:

  *   Bill
  *   Denis
  *   Michael
  *   Meikal

One week the Group call will be organized, and the other week will be the Panel call.
Sarmad will issue doodle poll in order to decide the dates and time for phone calls of the Repertoire group.
Also, Panel phone call schedule should be adjusted if necessary.
Variant group will agree on their calls schedule by themselves. Variant group will also decide who will lead the group.

  1.  AOB
Sarmad and Mirjana will try to provide draft agenda for Istanbul face to face meeting.

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