[Latingp] Latin GP and working groups - phone call schedules verification

Mirjana Tasić Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs
Mon May 22 14:37:49 UTC 2017

Dear GP members,
please find enclosed summarized information about our future calls, and explanation from Sarmad about Variant group calls.

  *   We shall have Panel phone calls every second week at 12:00 UTC starting from Tuesday next week  i.e May the 30th.
  *   Repertoire phone calls will be every second week at 17:00 UTC starting from Tuesday May 23rd .
  *   Variant phone call is scheduled this week at 15:00 UTC on  Friday 26th of May - this shedule might change in future. Sarmad is not organizing the variant group call - that is managed by the Dennis, who is chairing it.  So those members wanting to attend it should connect with Dennis directly.

Regards Mirjana

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