[Latingp] notes from the Repertoire group meeting 23rd May

Mats Dufberg mats.dufberg at iis.se
Wed May 24 08:45:41 UTC 2017

My proposal on the meeting was:

1.  Accept the Arabic GP principles as preliminary principles.

2.  Doing the following in parallel:

a.  Start working on languages with RGIDS code 0-3.

b.  Revise and update the principles as needed

3.  Set the principles for Latin GP

4.  Continue the work with the languages.

We should not hesitate to update the principles again after they are set if needed.


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Subject: [Latingp] notes from the Repertoire group meeting 23rd May

I'll listen to the recording and revise my notes later, please comment

1. Sarmad shared ARABIC GP's work to set an example
2. Highlighted the issue of 'combined marks' and how they should be treated
3. They should be treated as Sequences rather than code points
4. Mirjana thinks diacritics by themselves should be excluded
5. Sarmad underlined 'contextual motivation'
6. In the course of our work new code points are expected to be discovered and we'll move on from MSR2 to MSR3
7. What to do with letters not existing in MSR2
8. Are the principles used by the other script groups (eg arabic) applicable to Latin?
9. How to draft new principles?
10. First round of RGIDS languages 1-4 to be circulated (180)

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