[Latingp] Update on outreach in Africa for membership of Latin GP

Ousmane MOUSSA TESSA ousmane.tessa at niger-ren.ne
Tue May 30 13:50:13 UTC 2017

Dear all,

I bear witness to the enthusiasm aroused by this large sample of the 
ecosystem of the Internet in Africa during this only one day workshop. 
Among the successes of this activity, let's point out the quick adhesion 
of these diverse and important stakeholders of the development of 
Internet in Africa, even it's the very very first time the subject was 
introduced to them.

I have to recognize the good quality of the speakers to convince 
"easily" the participants about the rationale of the process. Now, they 
are well aware of the strategic importance and the need to involve more 
volunteers in order to achieve inclusive results in view of the great 
diversity of languages ​​in Africa.

Meikal has demonstrated that it is possible in Africa, just with a 
suitable organization and a certain amount of commitment through a 
community based process.
Adding to that, Sarmad used his pedagogical skills during practical work 
to establish the participants' ability to understand and quickly start 
with an example of "repertoire"  of one language they speak and the 
importance of variants. I admit that it's easier to work on 
"repertoire", whereas the "variants" require a little talent on the 
study of languages :)

You did well so that the commitment to start with cases soon is a good 
signal for all.

Sorry to be so long! This workshop will ease my participation in Latin 
GP work!

Best regards!
Ousmane from Nairobi, Kenya

Le 2017-05-30 13:13, Sarmad Hussain a écrit :
> Dear All,
> During the Africa Internet Summit [1], ICANN organized a day-long IDN
> Workshop in Nairobi this Sunday to reach out to the African community
> to explain them the work on Root Zone LGR and to invite the community
> to participate in the Latin GP work.   In the first half of the
> workshop, we gave an overview of the Root Zone LGR project. Meikal
> Mumin gave an excellent presentation on the use of Latin script for
> African languages (and I would suggest that we request him to repeat
> the presentation during our face to face meeting as it raises some
> very interested points). In the second part of the workshop, we
> undertook a hands-on exercise for participants to make the XML based
> LGR for their own languages using the LGRTool online.
> We received a lot of interest from the community.  The workshop was
> attended by about 25 participants from varied backgrounds and a quick
> round of introductions indicated that they spoke 30 different
> languages.
> As an upshot we have received interest of a few more volunteers from
> Africa to actively contribute to the Latin GP.  In addition, we have
> contacts of participants whom we can reach out  to in case we have
> language specific queries.  Finally, AFTLD has also indicated that
> they can help by reaching out to their members.
> Ousmane, who is a member of Latin GP and attended the workshop, could
> add more details.
> Regards,
> Sarmad
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