[Latingp] Repertoire Group - Agenda for the conference call on 7th of November, 2017

Mirjana Tasić Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs
Mon Nov 6 22:01:00 UTC 2017

Dear Repertoire Group members,

We must make some decisions how shall we proceed with our work. There are  few main points we should discuss and start working on them.

I have prepared few working tables:

  1.  2017-10-24-REP-Problems-forSecondReview.xlsx
  2.  REP-LatinLanguages-EGIDS-5-SortByPopulation.xlsx
  3.  2017-11-06-LatinGPCodePoints-Not-in-MSR2.xlsx
  4.  2017-11-06-LatinGPCodePoints-Not-in-MSR2-SortedByCodePoint.xlsx

I have sent authorization to edit these tables to all members of GP.
I want you all to look to these tables, and think what could and should be done with them, to finish building the repertoire.

Regards Mirjana

Repertoire Group - Agenda for the conference call on 7th of November, 2017

  1.  Roll call
  2.  Should we process languages with EGIDS = 5 and what could be criteria for language selection?
  3.  Solving problems found during processing of Latin languages EGIDS 1-4.
  4.  Preparation of required properties which should be fulfilled for those new code points that could be added to  MSR3 (PVALID, any RFC, Normalization form, and so on)
  5.  How to Process Repertoire code points not included in MSR2, taking into account criteria specified in point 4, and producing the final list which could be proposed for  inclusion in MSR3.
  6.  Next meetings
     *   Repertoire Group - 21. November( Not acceptable for Mirjana, she has   very important family gathering, could someone else chair the meeting)
     *   Generation Panel – 14. November
  7.  AOB

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