[Latingp] Codepoints from Esperanto

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Ethnologue https://www.ethnologue.com/language/epo has Esperanto as EGIDS 3.  I'm not sure I am convinced that it actually deserves that rating.  But that doesn't really matter, since the IP has mandated it's inclusion. 
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Date: Tuesday, 10 July 2018 at 01:05
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Subject: [Latingp] Codepoints from Esperanto    The following code points occur in Esperanto, but are not previously included in our Repertoire: 
Unicode Glyph Unicode Name 0109 ĉ Latin Small Letter C with Circumflex 011D ĝ Latin Small Letter G with Circumflex 0125 ĥ Latin Small Letter H with Circumflex 0135 ĵ Latin Small Letter J with Circumflex 016D ŭ Latin Small Letter U with Breve 

 In addition, we had included
015D ŝ Latin Small Letter S with Circumflex  This in our repertoire, but the only example was from Tswa, which is EGIDS 5 -- which the IP apparently doesn't consider sufficient for inclusion.  So we may want to modify the entry to reflect Esperanto there.    Bill Jouris
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