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My take on the variants task was that we were trying to identify cases which would always be rejected.  So that those cases would not need to go thru the more extensive, time consuming, and labor intensive, process.  If something is always going to be rejected, why expend the time and effort to do so manually? 

Granted, the members of the IP could probably have done the variants task for Latin themselves.  But since the process was defined to cover all of the various scripts for IDN, it got left to us.  We just are subject to more micromanaging because the IP members know more about (some of) our languages.  Bill Jouris
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I have to admit that I find the variant task strange.

Let me first comment the repertoire task. In that we were expected define the criteria for inclusion and exclusion of characters and then evaluate language sources. I think that was a quite reasonable task.

When it comes the variant task we are expected to create variant pairs of the most obvious cases (e.g. LATIN SMALL LETTER A vs CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER A) but we are expected to ignore the more complex cases such as LATIN SMALL LETTER M vs CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EM via LATIN CAPITAL LETTER M). The rational for that is that there will anyway be a process that will look at similarities between characters or candidate TLDs.

If that process will have the resources to evaluate the more complex similarities without any prework by e.g. the relevant Generation Panel, then it will get all the obvious cases for free.

What is our contribution if we are only to list the obvious cases that the IP already know? I feel it is almost meaningless.


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Hi Bill,

On 09.07.2018 19:11, Bill Jouris wrote:
> For example, suppose we decide that a Cyrillic Small Letter Em (м
> codepoint 043C) is NOT a variant of a Latin Small Letter M (m codepoint
> 006D).  Then it is possible to create a (Cyrillic) TLD of .сом, because
> the last letter is visibly "different" from that in .com. 

as said earlier, I agree that having a TLD сом is definitely a problem
and should not be allowed. But independent from our variant rules, such
a TLD application would always be rejected.

Therefore I agree with Mirjana: let's first concentrate on the task we
have to do and then later we can look at further work that is nice to have.



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