[Latingp] Latin-Cyrillic cross-script analysis

Mats Dufberg mats.dufberg at iis.se
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I looked at the material and then I wondered why U+045F CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER DZHE is matched to U+1EF1 LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH HORN AND DOT BELOW and not to U+1EE5 LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DOT BELOW (which is also in our repertoire). I think that U+045F and U+1EE5 are more similar than U+045F and U+1EF1.

First displayed as text in the mail:

                             1EF1  045F  1EE5

Times:                   ự        џ        ụ

Helvetica:             ự       џ        ụ

Courier new: ự   џ   ụ

Here as a picture:

[cid:image001.png at 01D42803.2604AAC0]




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    Latin GP,

    Based on Michael's and Bill's input I have resolved all the pending cases. These are highlighted as <green>include</green> or <red>excluded</red> in each of the sets. Review the comments for context as well.

    Please review the revised doc and provide any other comments you may have.



    On 7/27/18, 11:30 AM, "Latingp on behalf of Michael Bauland" <latingp-bounces at icann.org on behalf of Michael.Bauland at knipp.de> wrote:

        Hi all,

        On 26.07.2018 21:12, Bill Jouris wrote:

        > I have reviewed these.  In several cases, I believe it is possible to

        > resolve the issue using the same principle:

        > When both inspectors have the same rating for the highest ranked font,

        > and the only difference is between fonts, there seems no reason to look

        > further. Just take the agreed highest rating (for example 2) and move on.

        I agree with Bill. We decided to look at several fonts in order to find

        more cases for possible variants (not to find less cases). Therefore it

        makes sense to always take the rating from the highest ranked font. In

        case both inspectors agree, there is nothing more to do.

        > I also noticed a couple of cases where the first inspector had a rating

        > of 5 (i.e. no candidate found) while the second inspector had something

        > else.  Perhaps the first inspector could go back and consider the

        > candidate which, apparently, arose after his initial inspection.  Even

        > if that results in a rating of 4 (different), it would at least give us

        > someplace to start discussion.

        Done. Those were my cases and I changed my original 5 to the rating

        referring to the newly found candidate.

        Furthermore I added my vote to the occasions were first and second

        inspector disagreed (and Bill's suggestion from above does not work). If

        the others could do the same, we could probably apply some majority vote.

        Have a nice weekend




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