[Latingp] ACTION NEEDED-PLEASE READ AND COMMENT: Response to IP letter on : Diacritics below a security risk?

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Hi Michael, 

1E37 does not appear to be in our repertoire.  Perhaps we could use 0137 instead?  It's a dot below, rather than a line below, but the same disappearing phenomena would seem to apply.
If we are going to make the PS more prominent, I would like to see us at least reference the Least Astonishment Principle.  For me, that is where the confusion seems to lie: are we just ignoring it?  Or, if not, how much weight are we supposed to give it?
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Hi Mirjana, hi Dennis, hi Bill,

thank you very much for putting together that text. I fully agree that
the comments and guidelines from the IP are confusing, in the sense that
it's unclear whether visual similarity entails variant relationships or

In that context, I find the P.S. section one of the most important
comments as it summarises our (or at least my) confusion. Maybe we
should not have it in the P.S. section but rather as a main section.

Another suggestion: should we include the IP's example in our list of
examples (i.e., 1E35 vs. 006B) and at the same time add 014D vs. 006F?
Then we have a letter with line below and without, as well as a letter
with line above and without. I assume the former case is deemed to be a
variant for the IP while the latter case is not. Which to me is
inconsistent. By adding those two examples we point the IP towards this

In case the list of examples gets too large now, I would rather remove
some other example than leaving out the two from above.

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