[Latingp] Invitation to present update on Latin GP at ICANN63

Sarmad Hussain sarmad.hussain at icann.org
Sat Sep 15 14:07:19 UTC 2018

Dear Mirjana, All,


It is really up to the Latin GP to decide on the length of the presentation.  A suggestion to prepare a presentation for 30-40 minutes and leave the remaining time for interaction with the community members and the IP.  


It would be useful to not only present the information already analyzed by the GP but also to raise any queries the GP may have for the IP or the community. 




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Dear Sarmad,


It is not clear how long should be the presentation for the working session with IP. 


Regards Mirjana

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Subject: Invitation to present update on Latin GP at ICANN63


Dear Mirjana and Latin GP members,


We would like to invite you to present an update on the work being done by the Latin GP to the members of the community and other generation panels during ICANN63.  This includes the following:


*	A 75 minutes working session of the Latin GP with IP open for the community, tentatively on Monday 22 Oct.
*	A 7 minutes update during the session on IDN Program Update, tentatively on Wednesday 24 Oct.


We would also like to invite the Latin GP members to attend the IDN RZ-LGR Workshop, tentatively organized on Wednesday 24 Oct., which tentatively includes a discussion from IP on variant code points, update on LGR Toolset, and an update on the technical utilization of RZ-LGR by the RZ-LGR Study group.


We look forward to your confirmation for the two presentations.  



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