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Thu Aug 15 16:08:34 UTC 2019

Resending for the discussion in the meeting.


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Subject: [Latingp] weighted matrix vote

    Hi all,
    since I won't be able to join the next two calls, I'll put my vote down
    here in this e-mail. We haven't yet decided on a scale, I'll just use
    one with three values (0-2), which seemed to be the latest choice at the
    end of our call.
            NoIncl | Var1 | Var2 | NoVar
    Mis (1)  2     |  2   |   2  |  0
    Inc (2)  0     |  2   |   2  |  2
    FoS (3)  2     |  1   |   0  |  0
    Wishing everybody a nice summer.
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