[Latingp] Proposal Updates

Bill Jouris bill.jouris at insidethestack.com
Tue Dec 3 01:27:17 UTC 2019

Hi Mirjana, 
Attached are my latest round of updates.  Included are:    
   - Task 6: The referenced web pages have been added to the References Section, and their reference numbers put in the Excluded Code Points table.  The one exception is the New Era reference.  When I tried to check it, I got a 404 Error - page not found.  We can either drop it (all of the places it occurs have a second reference) or perhaps whoever found it originally can find the correct link. 
   - There was no Section 6.6.  So I have renumbered the previous Section 6.7 to 6.6.  And updated the references to it in the text. 
   - Task 14: I have added a new Section 6.7 for Variants due to Transitivity. It seems a somewhat neater solution than trying to merge them all into the table of variants themselves.
   - The Code Point Names have been changed from ALL CAPS to Mixed Case.  This conforms to the usage in Unicode (https://unicode-table.com/en/) and is also easier to read. 
   - I've made a small beginning on editing the language to more standard English.  Also cutting some of the very long sentences for better readability. 
   - Various other minor edits. 

Bill Jouris
Inside Products
bill.jouris at insidethestack.com
925-855-9512 (direct)
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