[Latingp] Latin GP Task 6

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This task appears to have two separate parts. 
1) ASCII variants resulting from Transitivity 
At the meeting with the Armenian, Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin GPs in Montreal, the IP noted that cross-script variants and transitivity resulted in Latin Small Letter V and Latin Small Letter Y being variants -- which, since they are ASCII characters, is not allowed.  The cause (at least part of the cause) was determined to be the Greek GP's finding that Greek Small Letter Nu and Greek Small Letter Gamma are variants.  That finding also resulted in an in-script Cyrillic variant which the Cyrillic GP found unacceptable.  
The result of discussion between the  GPs was that the Greek GP would reconsider their finding regarding Nu and Gamma.  Thus no action is required of the Latin GP. 
2) Variants due to Transitivity
A complete listing will, of course, await finalizing our decisions on Latin in-script variants.  But I have started creating tables for them.  For example, for Cyrillic cross-script variants, each case we found will also require a new transitivity listing for each of the Latin in-script variants we find for the Latin element in the cross-script variant.  Tedious to generate, or course, but not calling for any particular decision process by us.
Please let me know if you read the IP's comments differently.
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