[Latingp] Apostrophe vs Caron and Horn

Mats Dufberg mats.dufberg at internetstiftelsen.se
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I agree that D and L with Caron resembles D and L with apostrophe, or maybe rather, D and L with single quote mark (T with Caron should also be included here), but U and O with Horn are quite different where the "thing" is attached at the half-high level rather than detached at the full-high level.

If characters that resembles an apostrophe or carries something that looks like an apostrophe should be excluded then D, L and T with Caron are good candidates, but I do not think that U and O with Horn are.

(Comic Sans is a bad example here because the U and O with Horn comes from some other font/type face through font substitution.)


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Dear colleagues,

Here is a wordmark display of letters followed by apostrophe vs the same letters with caron or horn.  See the Comment at the end of Section 5.4.

My sense is that, while side-by-side the difference is spacing is apparent, in a domain name a user would be unable to spot the difference.  And thus, per the exclusion of punctuation and marks similar to punctuation, these code points ought to be excluded.  (Personally, I don't think the exclusion of punctuation, except for periods, makes much sense.  But that's the rule we are supposed to be following.)

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