[Latingp] Apostrophe vs Caron and Horn

Michael Bauland Michael.Bauland at knipp.de
Mon Dec 16 10:32:26 UTC 2019

Hi all,

On 13.12.2019 09:42, Mats Dufberg wrote:
> I agree that D and L with Caron resembles D and L with apostrophe, or
> maybe rather, D and L with single quote mark (T with Caron should also
> be included here), but U and O with Horn are quite different where the
> "thing" is attached at the half-high level rather than detached at the
> full-high level.
> If characters that resembles an apostrophe or carries something that
> looks like an apostrophe should be excluded then D, L and T with Caron
> are good candidates, but I do not think that U and O with Horn are.

I agree with Mats. For the consonants (D, L, T) the Caron is too
confusable with a punctuation mark to keep those letters. I'd certainly
vote to remove them.

For the vowels I am undecided. Yes, the "thing" as Mats calls it, is at
half level and thus not quite at a location one would expect an
apostrophe or single quote. Still with some fonts it's not nearly as
attached as with others. If I were to decide, I'd probably vote for
keeping the vowels, but I wouldn't complain if a majority votes differently.



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