[Latingp] Votes on Bills Spreadsheet, Stacking Issues

Meikal Mumin meikal at mumin.de
Wed Dec 18 14:39:07 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

I managed to cast my votes on Bills spreadsheet. Sorry for overlooking the other sheets before.

In those spreadsheets, I saw five cases, with a stacking issue in Courier, with a comment "Stacking issue, which IP says to ignore“. It is my understanding that IP suggested for us to ignore the issues with Courier New, since it was a font not being updated anymore. However I did not understand their comment in such a way, that we should ignore all cases, in which stacking issues manifest. Although these stacking issues had no impact on my own rating of the variant candidates under review, we should investigate wether the same stacking issue occurs in ​a significant number of other fonts, because then it might give way to a variant relationship.


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