[Latingp] [Ext] new character to be included in MSR

Michael Bauland Michael.Bauland at knipp.de
Mon Feb 11 08:28:36 UTC 2019

Dear Sarmad,

thank you for forwarding the reply from the IP. I would like to add the
following two comments for the IP:

1. The section the IP refers to is about "Creating the Variant Rules",
we just want to extend our repertoire, not define variants, but that's
probably just a formality.

What I find much more important is:
2. The reasoning for the exclusion in Section B.3.4.2 is "because those
context rules are not simple enough to be appropriate for the root zone."

I find this reasoning far too general. In case of the Middle Dot the
context rules would state that it must be preceded and followed by a
regular lowercase L (as stated in Appendix A.3 of RFC 5892). Whenever
Catalan people use the middle dot, they *always* have it surrounded by
an L. So the context rule would automatically be followed, without any
Catalan even thinking about it. If that isn't simple enough, I don't know.

For Catalan people, not allowing the middle dot is similar as if you
would tell English people, they may not use the "x" (or any other
letter) for root zone labels. You take away a regular letter for 10
million people.

Finally, let me add some argument from a native speaker:
Contrary to umlauts, or eszett, to cite examples of “IDNs” in a
well-known language, there is no alternative for ela geminada (not only
from a grammatical point of view, which also happens with diacritical
accents or other “special” characters) but even not “visually” (as it
happens with, say, é, and e which are not the same but are accepted to
look very similar and practical equivalents in DNS.

Best regards,


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