[Latingp] Suggested schedule to finish Version 5

Bill Jouris bill.jouris at insidethestack.com
Sun Jun 2 17:35:25 UTC 2019

A couple of points: 

Availability: I’ll be on vacation thru the middle of July: 12th- 21st  
Task owners: Shouldn’t the task owner for 1.1.2, the Sharp Ssection, be Michael rather than Dennis? 
We also need an additional section: 

1.1.5  Misc.  [for lack of a better title] 

We have a bunch of pairs of possible variants which don’tfit any of the categories listed here. ( In some cases, we may manage to discern a general principle for a few ofthem.  However I suspect that it won't be worth the effort, in most cases, to try to come up with one.  Mostly we are just going tohave to go thru them one by one.)  We aren’tgoing to get to that before we send off the latest version to the IP -- however we can work on them while awaiting the IP's feedback.  Still we shouldn’t lose track of them either. 

To take just one example of the Misc group, by way of illustration, consider k (006B)and ƙ (0199).  The Small Letter K with Hook occurs onlyHausa.  Those familiar with thatlanguage, trained linguists, and Unicode experts may be able to spot thedifference.  But outside that tinypopulation, the vast majority of users, even the IP’s “reasonable careful user”,will simply never realize that there is something there to see.  Could they find the difference if they lookedat the two glyphs side by side? Perhaps.  But as the IP has been atsome pains to remind us, users will not have the luxury of side-by-sidecomparison when looking at a domain name. 

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Mirjana, all
Here is a tentative plan to complete version 5 for everyone’s input. I may have missed something so please chime in. The two-week block 7/29-8/5 is a buffer in case we miss the target dates.
What is missing in this plan?
   - Panel member availability (for example, I will be on holiday most of the first week of July)
   - Task owners
   - Confidence level that we will meet this plan (hence the buffer)
   - Something else?
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