[Latingp] Current ICANN66 presentations in Google docs

Michael Bauland Michael.Bauland at knipp.de
Thu Oct 10 15:35:29 UTC 2019

Hi Mirjana,

On 10.10.2019 13:22, Mirjana Tasić wrote:
> Dear GP members,
> I have included Bill’s and Meikal’s comments the best I could.
> Please revise the current version of presentations. It seems to me that
> google docs are more convenient for use.
> https://drive.google.com/file/d/12egqVy9BfC0xGcg_TQiQyegTfTHC7KRc/view?usp=sharing

I only found very minor things. If you find the time, you can fix them,
but it's not really important:
* slide 15: "A pair of code points in this category have..." => "A pair
of code points in this category has..."; HAS instead of HAVE since it's
one pair.
* slide 20: "number of diacritics are used only a very limited part" =>
 "number of diacritics are used only in a very limited part"; missing IN
* There seem to be several double blanks. This looks slightly strange.
Maybe you can do use the Search And Replace Function and search for "  "
and replace them by " " (two blanks replaced by one).

Talk to you soon,


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