[Latingp] Consistency in analysis

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For completeness, yes. In a set of three candidates {A, B, C} that were chosen by the same criteria, e.g. visual similarity, then all three permutations need to be reviewed.

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If I'm understanding this correctly, what I should do in the analysis sheets I am developing is to assure that, if we have

Set 1 = {A, B}

Set 2 = {A, C}
Then we also have
Set 3 = {B, C}

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On Thursday, October 24, 2019, 10:29:36 AM PDT, Tan Tanaka, Dennis via Latingp <latingp at icann.org> wrote:

All, let me try to explain the problem of excluding certain code points from different sets when doing the analysis.

Let’s assume two scenarios for the hypothetical analysis:

Scenario 1:

Set 1 = {A, B}

Set 2 = {A, C}

For Set 1, it was concluded A is a variant of B.

In Set 2, it was concluded A is not a variant of C.

Then, the only resulting variant set is A --> B (symmetry implied)

Scenario 2:

                Set 1 = {A, B}

                Set 3 = {A, B, C}

                For Set 1, A is deemed variant of B

                In Set 3, A is deemed variant of B, B deemed a variant of C, but A not a variant of C.

                The resulting variant sets are A --> B, B--> C; and due to transitivity A-->C is also a variant pair.

My point was that by excluding a code point from the analysis can result in different result as to the variant sets identified.

Hope this helps clarify.


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