[Latingp] FW: FOR IP: Proposal for a Latin Script Root Zone LGR V5

Sarmad Hussain sarmad.hussain at icann.org
Tue Oct 29 05:18:23 UTC 2019

Dear Mirjana, Latin GP members,

Thank you for your considerable effort to put the Latin RZ-LGR proposal together in time for IP to review before ICANN66.  Here is an initial response from the IP on the Latin proposal.

In the interest of time and to facilitate discussion at ICANN66 this is only a partial review (mostly variants) and that additional aspects of the proposal will be reviewed separately by the IP. Hopefully, those will not require the same efforts to resolve.

IP would like to discuss the issues raised here in a meeting between the Latin GP's representatives and IP members at ICANN66.  For cross-script variants, IP may also want to have a discussion with all the GPs from related scripts.


From: Latingp <latingp-bounces at icann.org> on behalf of Mirjana Tasić <Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs>
Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 10:16 PM
To: Latin GP <latingp at icann.org>
Subject: [Latingp] FW: FOR IP: Proposal for a Latin Script Root Zone LGR V5

Dear Latin GP members,

Here is the letter I sent to Pitinan for IP.

Regards Mirjana

From: Mirjana Tasić <Mirjana.Tasic at rnids.rs>
Date: Sunday, 13 October 2019 at 19:05
To: Pitinan Kooarmornpatana <pitinan.koo at icann.org>
Subject: FOR IP: Proposal for a Latin Script Root Zone LGR V5

Dear Pitinan,

Please send the following material to IP. I am sorry we had no time to format the document properly, I have corrected some formatting but did not have enough time to correct all .  Conversion from Google docs to word produced some formatting problems, so the .pdf version of the report is not properly formatted also.

We have not finalized yet test label data set, we shall do it in the near future.
I hope that IP will accept our apologies, time was very critical resource.

Best regards Mirjana
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