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Dear Latin GP members, 


We are writing to seek for Latin GP’s feedback regarding the Greek-Latin cross-script variants. 


The Greek GP has shared the first version of Greek LGR proposal with the IP and the IP has shared the following comment.

Please review the IP communication and the questions below and kindly share you feedback with us. 


For any further queries,  kindly let us know. 






To: Latin GP
From: Integration Panel

Subject: Greek-Latin cross-script variants

Date: Aug 9, 2019


We have become aware of a Draft of the Greek LGR proposal in which a number of cross-script variants are defined between Greek and Latin. We are in the process of evaluating these and drafting our response.

Some of the proposed cross-script variants would, if accepted, impose in-script variants for the Latin script. We would like to appraise the Latin GP of these and would like to get the GP's reaction to these proposals.

In principle, each LGR defines its own set of variants, appropriate to its user community, and integration results in the common superset. However, when this process would result in imposing in-script variants between two characters that are both in another script, the bar for accepting such variants for integration has to be necessarily rather higher.

Please review the following table and in particular the cases where a single Greek character is proposed to map to more than one Latin variant.


Greek LetterLatin Letter
U+03B1                       αGreek small letter ALPHAɑ                      U+0251Latin small letter ALPHA
U+03B3                       γGreek small letter GAMMAɣ                      U+0263Latin small letter GAMMA
U+03B5                       εGreek small letter EPSILONɛ                      U+025BLatin small letter OPEN E
U+03B7                       ηGreek small letter ETAn                      U+006ELatin small letter Nņ                      U+0146Latin small letter N WITH CEDILLAŋ                      U+014BLatin small letter ENGṇ                      U+1E47Latin small letter N WITH DOT BELOW
U+03B9                       ιGreek small letter IOTAɩ                       U+0269Latin small letter IOTA
U+03BD                       νGreek small letter NUv                      U+0076Latin small letter Vṿ                      U+1E7FLatin small letter V WITH DOT BELOW
U+03BF                       οGreek small letter OMICRONo                      U+006FLatin small letter Oọ                      U+1ECDLatin small letter O WITH DOT BELOW
U+03C5                       υGreek small letter UPSILONʋ                      U+028BLatin small letter V WITH HOOK
U+03AE                       ήGreek small letter ETA WITH TONOSń                      U+0144Latin small letter N WITH ACUTE
U+03AF                       ίGreek small letter IOTA WITH TONOSi                       U+0069Latin small letter Iì                       U+00ECLatin small letter I WITH GRAVEí                       U+00EDLatin small letter I WITH ACUTE
U+03CC                       όGreek small letter OMICRON WITH TONOSò                      U+00F2Latin small letter O WITH GRAVEó                      U+00F3Latin small letter O WITH ACUTEȯ                      U+022FLatin small letter O WITH DOT ABOVE
U+03CA                       ϊGreek small letter IOTA WITH DIALYTIKAï                       U+00EFLatin small letter I WITH DIAERESIS
U+03CB                       ϋGreek small letter UPSILON WITH DIALYTIKAü                      U+00FCLatin small letter U WITH DIAERESIS
(Note that elsewhere in the Greek proposal the accented forms of IOTA, OMICRON and UPSILON are proposed to become in-script variants in Greek. For reasons of transitivity, any Latin cross-script variants would also have to become variants, for example Latin U+028B and U+00FC would end up as variants of each other because U+03C5 and U+03CB are proposed to be in-script variants in Greek. This is not apparent from the way the cross-script variants are listed above.).


We are looking for answers to these three questions:

(1) Which of these proposed variants match corresponding variants that the Latin GP is in the process of defining?

(2) Which additional Latin/Greek variants (not listed above) are being considered by the Latin GP?

(3) Which of the proposed in-script variants for Latin would be considered problematic for the Latin GP?

Your prompt response would be appreciated,





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