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Well, about consistency. That was the approach that was suggested at the beginning (i.e. decide by diacritic group instead of individual ratings). The idea did not have support. Instead, it was argued that diacritics are not rendered consistently across letters and therefore they needed to be tested individually. That was what the majority supported and the reason we did the spreadsheet. 

The inconsistency in ratings is due in part of the differences in how fonts are rendered in different systems (by system I mean the combination of OS, display, resolution, application, font type, etc.). On top of this, people's perception also play a roll, which renders any conclusion as subjective.


On 9/5/19, 8:50 AM, "Latingp on behalf of Michael Bauland" <latingp-bounces at icann.org on behalf of Michael.Bauland at knipp.de> wrote:

    Hi Bill,
    On 04.09.2019 23:42, Bill Jouris wrote:
    > Dear colleagues, 
    > As requested, I have updated the Proposal (Section 6.7.1) with our
    > decisions for Variants Due To Underlining.  
    thanks for your work.
    > I would like to note one small inconsistency in our results.  Basic
    > letters are considered variants of the same letter with a cedilla for
    > letters K, L, N, S, and T.  But *not* for letters C, M, and O.  It seems
    > to me that we really ought to be consistent in this.  (As we are for Dot
    > Below, Macron Below, Circumflex Below, Ogonek, etc.)
    Good catch. I agree that we should try to be consistent. And in case
    there is a good reason that requires us to be "inconsistent" we at least
    have to argue and comment why we handle those seemingly equivalent cases
    As mentioned last week, I will be in a car driving to a customer during
    our call and I don't like driving and using the phone (even with a
    hands-free kit) at the same time. So I won't be able to join. Therefore
    my vote (in case you need it in this call) for this case:
    Looking at our original documents my opinion is to not considering base
    characters and characters with cedilla below as variants.
    Talk to you next week,
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