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《New book》The origin of Christianity: An Epic Tale of the People of the Covenant  (vol.190520)
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 In the region from Mesopotamia situated within the Tigris?Euphrates river to Palestine, city states, where agricultural and nomadic people had lived together, have risen and fallen since ancient times. The agricultural people played leading role in the most of these city states. However, the nomads traded not only with Egypt in the west but also with India and China in the east and served as catalysts for cross-cultural fusion. 
 * [Preface]
 * [Highlights]
 * Documentary hypothesis
 * Paulus' family
 * The origin of "Faith of Atonement"
 * The baptism of the Holy Spirit (Born of causes and conditions)
 * Jesus' Triumphant Entry of Jerusalem
 * The story of the birth of Deuteronomy
 * [Acknowledgement for the sixth edition]
 * [Acknowledgements for the first edition] 
 * [Notes about the Author] 
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