[GSE Middle East] Hi! Exhibiting in upcoming USA Trade Shows?

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Greetings from ExpoStandZone!

This is in reference to your participation at **USA Trade

I would like to take an opportunity here to introduce
ExpoStandZone as a global online portal which connects exhibitors
directly to the local stand suppliers and contractors in various
cities across the world.

If you are exhibiting at **USA Trade Shows**, we can connect you
with the local stand suppliers that best matches your
requirements and budget, as we have more than **[180+ Registered
Stand Suppliers in USA][1]** on our portal providing stand
construction services there.

You only need to provide us your exhibition stand details below
and we'll connect you with **5 local stand suppliers in
USA​​,** then the suppliers will send you their respective
design & proposals and you are then free to negotiate with them
without any intermediaries.

* Contact Name :
* Email ID :
* Phone Number :
* Company Name :
* Fair Name : 
* Fair Venue : **USA​​**
* Stand Area:
* Approx. Budget ($) :

**Please also attach the booth layout/design and hall plan if you
can provide us for better understanding of your requirements.**

Further, all our services are absolutely **Free of Cost to the
Exhibitors**, we will not charge anything from you.

**P.S.** In case, you are not the concerned person related to the
**Exhibition Stand Construction** for **USA Trade Shows**, then
kindly introduce me to the **Exhibition Manager** or someone who
take cares of exhibition participation in your organization.

Thanking you in advance!

**Best Regards,**

**David Espy**

Manager - International Marketing | T: +1 716 941 7998

Email ID: [bd at expostandzone.com][2]

Website: [www.expostandzone.com][3]

Skype: <u>[query.expostandzone at outlook.com][4]</u>


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[2]: mailto:%20marketing at expostandzone.com
"mailto:%20marketing at expostandzone.com"
[3]: https://cdn.flxml.eu/lt-2165139370-383bf8d667cd5f703b95a8c8e5f97cf4f4eb7714a9445cef
[4]: mailto:query.expostandzone at outlook.com
"mailto:query.expostandzone at outlook.com"
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