[Neobrahmigp] Bangla - Proposed code-point repertoire

Rajib Chakraborty rajibchakraborty2005 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 18:27:20 UTC 2016

Dear All,

Let me share my observation regarding the Bnagla Code-point repertoire
(pardon me, if my observation sounds naïve!)—

   -  098C (ঌ)—This so-called vocalic letter was never ever in use in
   Bangla. This was inherited from the Nāgarī (I prefer not to use the
   epithet "*Deva"* before Nāgarī as historically there is no element of
   divinity in the script) script. Even in Sanskrit its use was limited to a
   solitary verb root √*kl**̣**p- *"to be adapted" and a few of its
   conjugated forms, e.g. Vedic form *ca**̄**kl**̣**pé* in 3rd person
   Singular Perfect, Desiderative form *cikl**̣**psati*, etc. (Whitney,
   1997: 24) In Bangla this was blindly copied from Nāgarī. It does not
   even have any historical or archaic value in Bangla writing system (for a
   detailed discussion see Sarkar, 2016ː 104-110). Moreover there is high
   risk of confusing this letter with the symbol for Bangla numeral 9
   (fortunately numerals are disallowed hereǃ)—these two are awfully
   similar. Inclusion of this letter has no valid argument whatsoever. This
   should be disallowed as per IDNA protocol.

Except this rest is fine!


Rajib Chakraborty


1. Sarkar, Pabitra. 2016. “A Commonsense Linguistic Note on the Sanskrit
Alphabet”. In Bhattacharyya, Chandan & Sen, Subhrajit etds. 2016 *S*
*́odhanidhiḥ*, Benaras Mercantile Co. & Gourbanga University, pp. 104-110.

2. Whitney, William Dwight. 1997. *The Roots, Verb-forms and Primary
Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language*. 1st edn in 1885. Delhiː Motilal
Banarasidass Publishers Private Limited.

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> Dear All,
> We have created an initial set of code-point repertoire for Bangla.
> Your feedback/comments are solicited.
> We have planned to finalize the Bangla code-point repertoire by 17th of
> July '16, so your early responses would enable the detailed discussions and
> timely finalization.
> --
> Regards,
> Akshat Joshi
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Rajib Chakraborty
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