[Neobrahmigp] [Agenda Update] Neo-Brahmi GP online meetings - 1230pm UTC (6PM IST) 5 JAN 2018

Pitinan Kooarmornpatana pitinan.koo at icann.org
Fri Jan 5 09:45:58 UTC 2018

Dear NBGP members,
This is a gentle reminder and agenda update for Neo-Brahmi GP meetings today (5 January 2018.) - 6PM IST (1230pm UTC).

  1.  Welcome and Update ( Ajay )
  2.  Update to Community for Devanagari ( Sarmad )
  3.  Version 1 Readiness of Documents:

3.1.   Status of Gurmukhi proposal (Lehal)

3.2.   Status of Kannada proposal (Pavanaja)

3.3.   Status of Gujarati proposal (Akshat)

3.4.   Status of Tamil proposal (Shanmugam )

3.5.   Status of Telugu proposal (Gangadhar/UM Rao)

3.6.   Status of Bangla proposal (Prof. Udaya)

3.7.   Status of Oriya proposal (TBD)

3.8.   Status of Malayalam proposal (Prasad/Anivar)

3.9.   Status of Oriya ( Jay )

  1.  MSR-3 discussion: a discussion on if any characters needed to  be added in MSR-3, which are needed by NBGP but not supported by MSR-2
  2.  ZWJ/ZWNJ for IP to consider and formally respond.
  3.  Social Media Update ( Ashish / Gangadhar )
  4.  ICANN61 ,who is going ( Ajay/Sarmad )

Please update respective google doc for each script and respective members to have a look on it for comments.


How to connect:
Link to Adobe Connect: https://participate.icann.org/idn/
*Upon logging into Adobe Connect, a pop up window will provide you the option to Dial Out to your Phone.  Enter your Phone Number* (Remember to change the Country Code if needed).
After joining the call, as a courtesy to others and the presenters, please MUTE your phone.  This can be done by selecting *6 on your keypad.  To UNMUTE select *6 again.
If you are Unable to log into Adobe Connect and can only join via phone:
Participant Passcode: 1064158692

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