[Neobrahmigp] [Ext] Requesting changes in on Devanagari and Gurmukhi Cross-script Variants

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Dear Akshat and NBGP members,

Thank you for your email, my opinion is these are very valid points to be considered by the NBGP.
Once the NBGP conclude on these cases, I will update the cross-script variant Google Sheet accordingly.


From: Akshat Joshi [mailto:akshatj at cdac.in]
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 5:23 PM
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Subject: [Ext] Requesting changes in on Devanagari and Gurmukhi Cross-script Variants

Dear Dr. Lehal, Dr. Sarmad and Pitinan,

I was finalizing DV LGR XML file and came across following 3 cases regarding DV and Gurmukhi cross-script variants. Have given brief description of each case alongwith our proposal. Request you all to opine on the same. Also, please provide your decision on the proposal in each case.

Case 1:
Two Devanagari characters 0930 and 0935 have been tagged as cross-script variants with Gurmukhi character 0A15. This probably necessitates that both the DV characters i.e. 0930 and 0935 be made variants of each other in DV LGR. However, in a Pure Devanagari Label they are not confusing at all.
Proposal: Our proposal is, to avoid this, we drop 0930 and 0A15 variant relationship. In our opinion, the cost of making 0930 and 0935 as DV variants outweighs the benefit of having 0930 and 0A15 as cross-script variants.

Case 2:
We have identified DV character 0947 as variants with 0A47. However, in DV variants, 0947 is variant with 0946.
Proposal: We add 0946 and 0A47 as cross-script variants among DV and Gurmukhi. They do look-alike as well. Have given both the characters for reference below.
0946 ॆ
0a47 ੇ

Case 3:
Following combination is already an accepted cross-script variant in DV and Gurmukhi.
प्टे U+092A U+094D U+091F U+0947   (Devanagari)
ਏ U+0A0F (Gurmukhi)
Proposal: Since this contains 0947 which has 0946 as Variant in DV, following combination should also be admitted as cross-script variant in DV and Gurmukhi. They also look-alike in our opinion.
प्टॆ U+092A U+094D U+091F U+0946   (Devanagari)
ਏ U+0A0F (Gurmukhi)

Akshat Joshi

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