[Neobrahmigp] Proposal by Govt. of Assam on disunification of the Assamese script from Bengali Script

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Dear Team,It is to inform that "Government of Assam" has submitted a proposal at ISO through BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) on 26/02/208 for dis-unification of Assamese script from Bengali Script.1.    Background :Government of Assam has submitted the final proposal to Bureau of Indian Standards in February, 2016. Bureau  of  Indian  Standards  placed  the  matter  for  discussion  in  its8th Meeting  of  Indian Language Technologies and Products Sectional Committee, LITD 20, held on 23rd Aug 2017, and  decided  vide  resolution  no.  6.1.1,  that  the  proposal  of  Assam  Government to  include Assamese script in ISO/IEC 10646 would be referred to ISO.Also,  the  Chief  Minister  of  Assam  in  a  letter  to  the Minister  for  Consumer  Affairs,  Food  and P
 ublic  Distribution, Govt.  of  India reiterated Assam Government's  demand  that " As  the  ISO 10646  provides  a  unified  character-coding  standard  for  the  coding  of  all  characters  in  all major languages in the world, for the communication and exchange of electronic information, and  as  the  Assamese  language  with  its  own  Script  Assamese  is  a  major  Indian  language recognized in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, we need that the Script be included with its own range of codes in the ISO standards and also in the Unicode standards, at the earliest."Government  of  Assam  prepared  the  proposal  using  the  concerned  format  of  ISO ,  and  now submitting the  same  to  ISO  through  
 BIS,  which  includes  the  details  of  the  background  of  the proposal, the history and evolution of the script, and the characters and symbol sets.2.    Non-inclusion of Assamese Script in related Standards are of great concern in terms of various parameters as per the proposal	Loss  of  identity  of  the  Assamese  script: In  the  present  situation,  if  not  rectified  by  the concerned  government agencies,  the  identity  of  the  Assamese  Script  in  the  national  and  the international standards will gradually completely disappear/vanish. As the future is going to be the complete digital world, the identity of the Assamese script will be at stake in near future.	Loss  of heritage: Assamese  script  is  one  of  the  oldest  of Indic Scri
 pts.  It  is  a  matter  of national  importance  to  preserve  this historical   and  cultural,  linguistic heritage.  It  is to  be mentioned that Assamese is an 8thschedule recognized language of India.3.    The consequences of splitting the scripts  for  Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel
	Every single label of Assamese script would have to be a blocked variant of some label in the "other" script (Bengali). NBGP may wish to consider Assamese Script for further, LGR process/variant analysis as 10th Script.Thanks,Harish Chowdhary,Technology Analyst,National Internet Exchange of IndiaISOC FELLOW | inSIG FELLOWIIREF FELLOW | UASG AMBASSADORwww.nixi.in | www.indiaig.in | registry.in

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