[Newgtld-input] ICANN Seeks Input on gTLD Batching

Kelly Salter kelly.salter at dada.eu
Thu Aug 2 15:32:18 UTC 2012

Good afternoon,

To ensure "Successful applications should proceed to delegation phase
without undue delays", at it's simplest level can i please suggest the first
question to all new gTLD applicants should be "Do you want to be in the
first phase of delegation into the root zone?"

It is realistic to assume that some of the new gTLD applicants will want
additional time after finding out they have passed evaluation, to finalise
their domain strategy / customer experience or plan their outreach
programme, before proceeding through contract execution and pre-delegation
testing.  Many applicants will wait until they actually get their new gTLD
before investing more time and money into this part of their business plan.

By allowing the applicants to indicate whether they wish to move immediately
into contract execution and pre-delegation testing, or delay the next steps
by a timeframe (determined by ICANN), there may be a natural selection by
the applicants themselves of delegation timings.

Kind regards

Kelly Salter

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