[Newgtld-input] [liaison6c] Progress Report on new gTLD issues raised in Prague

Anthony Harris harris at cabase.org.ar
Thu Aug 16 16:46:48 UTC 2012

Dear Kurt, Akram and all working in the new gTLD program.

We thank ICANN for giving us the opportunity to offer our insights on the issue of the processing of the new gTLD applications 

It is very important to keep in mind, the enormous amount of resources put in place by all participants of the new gTLD program. Even though most of the applications have been presented by large firms or major-league investors, there are also proposals made by small companies or small communities that took major risk and effort to build a viable business plan and comply with the technical and financial requirements.

We think that contracted evaluation firms should put up more resources to the task of evaluating proposals in order to shorten the evaluation time. We are talking of really big firms that are going to get paid by the hour with the participant's money.

On the other hand, ICANN should keep promoting the geographic diversity of critical DNS infrastructure as it has been doing with the root servers, not only for technical improvement but also for political reasons. As of today, all gTLD registries are located in developed countries only, and this reinforces the notion that ICANN only works with countries with economic power. If it is true that ICANN cannot lower the standard on technical requirements for proposals from developing countries, it is also true that it can prioritize in favor of such proposals.



Executive Director

ECOM-LAC - Applicant for '.lat'



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