[Newgtld-input] input to new gTLDs batching process from .MADRID Application

MORENO RICO, JOSE MIGUEL josemiguel.moreno.rico at madrid.org
Sat Aug 18 18:34:31 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Please take into account the following considerations from the .MADRID application team regarding de new gTLDs batching process:

·         The .MADRID application team has knowledge of the proposal jointly submitted by the .BERLIN and other Geographical Name gTLDs (GeoTLDs) candidatures. We also know the document submitted by CORE some weeks ago.

·         We assume a significant part of the prioritization criteria included in both proposals, emphasizing the GeoTLDs  interests in a rapid and clear batching process for these applications.

·         GeoTLDs are clearly defined by the gTLD Applicant Guidebook, having in common that the string is a meaningful representation or abbreviation of a geographical name that is generally protected by national laws. GeoTLDs have also in common that the respective operator for the string is or is being supported by the relevant sovereign local and national government(s) as well as by social and cultural public institutions. By these least common denominators the GeoTLDs are clearly "Public Interest oriented".

·         In our view, uncontested applications that have special public interest status such as GeoTLDs,  Other Community gTLDs, or IDNs, must be prioritized, avoiding as much as possible unnecessary delays:  ICANN should forward these applications in the "transition to delegation" status after they have been reviewed successfully in order to facilitate a smooth introduction of new TLDs into the root.

·         The simultaneous release of evaluation for all the applications in a unique reveal date is unnecessary and counterproductive in our opinion: The new gTLDs "Public Interest oriented" should be very well accepted and contribute to generate positive reputation within the ICANN community including GAC. In terms of business planning, the early approval of GeoTLDs and other Public Interest new gTLDs is likely to contribute to a maximum economic and political success of the New gTLD program and ICANN's reputation as well.

José M. Moreno
Director Económico-Financiero y de Control de Gestión (CFO)
Secretaría General
Agencia de Informática y Comunicaciones de la Comunidad de Madrid
c/ Embajadores, 181
28045 Madrid
' +34 91 580 49 20  -  91 580 50 00
'  +34 638 21 23 36
6 +34 91 580 11 50
@ josemiguel.moreno.rico at madrid.org<mailto:josemiguel.moreno.rico at madrid.org>

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