[Newgtld-input] ICANN Seeks input on gTLD Batching

Katrin Ohlmer katrin at dotzon.com
Sun Aug 19 15:23:00 UTC 2012

Dear Sirs,
please find below the comment from STADA Arzneimittel AG, applicant for
.stada, regarding how to process the applications.
Best regards, Katrin Ohlmer



ICANN should act responsible

ICANN received fees of about 357 Mio USD from applicants around the world to
handle the application process professionally and smoothly and according to
the guidelines the community developed during many years. We would like to
remind ICANN of this fact and request that ICANN acts according to these
rules in the future to meet its global commitments.

ICANN should increase efficiencies

1.     We expect that ICANN increases efficiencies during evaluation:

a.     Offer an Opt-Out process for applicants which want to be delegated as
late as possible.

b.    Support the GAC to deliver their Early Warning and Advice as soon as
possible; i.e. by facilitating an Interim GAC meeting early 2013.

2.     We expect that ICANN increases efficiencies during delegation:

a.     Increase staff for contract execution to release as many applicants
per month as possible.

b.    Define process with IANA for smooth root zone entry.


ICANN should take a balanced approach for delegation

We expect ICANN to release applicants to delegation in a fair and
transparent way. This should include publishing all application results once
initial evaluation has been completed. 

To increase a more balanced approach of delegating TLDs between applicants
for single and multiple TLDs we propose that applications from portfolio
applicants shall be to put on the same level with all other applications.
For this purpose, we define portfolio applicants as entities, which have
either directly or indirectly a common ownership.

Applications which are not objected, contested or subject to an extended
evaluation should be delegated in a round-robin mechanism using six pools -
five with the ICANN regions and one with portfolio applicants. Since not all
pools will have the same amount of applications, once all applications are
delegated from one pool, the round-robin will skip this pool and proceed
with applications from the remaining pools. As soon as an application which
has been objected, contested or subject to an extended evaluation is
resolved, it will be added to the respective pool.


ICANN should refund application fees after initial evaluation

ICANN has repeatedly stated that application fees are constituted from cost
recovery of the gTLD program, costs for auctions/objections and a reserve.
According to ICANN the costs associated with the gTLD program and according
to ICANN's financial plan were 25,000,000 USD. Dividing these costs through
the 1930 applications, each applicant would have to pay 12,953 USD instead
of USD 50,000 to achieve cost recovery for ICANN. Therefore we expect to
receive a refund which would according to our calculation amount to 37,046
USD per application.


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