[Newgtld-input] Inputs on Batching Policy of ICANN

Amanda Liu yzbtliu at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 12:26:14 UTC 2012

Dear ICANN Staff,

In response to ICANN’s call on inputs on the batching policy I hereby
humbly contribute my opinions.

Firstly, I strongly recommend ICANN to think twice before totally
deserting the Digital Archery result along with the abolition of
Digital Archery process.

According to the initial plan, all applicants should participate in
the Digital Archery process and then be appointed into evaluation
process based on the results. However, due to the widespread
contention on the feasibility of the Digital Archery solution, many
applicants did not take any action.

On the one hand, therefore, the termination of the Digital Archery
scheme meets the best interests of applicants of this kind. On the
other hand, for those who respected ICANN’s resolution despite all
doubts and disagreements and spent significant amount of time, effort
and money on implementing Digital Archery, they deserve some kind of
compensation fair and square. The most practical compensation they
would like to get would be to have support in retaining the Digital
Archery result to some extent if ICANN has no other form of
compensation at all.

It should not be deemed as unreasonable to demand priority of certain
degree in both evaluation process and delegation process for those who
took action to execute the Digital Archery solution before ICANN’s
formal termination was announced. Otherwise, if those who respect
ICANN’s resolution could not be fully respected and duly protected, we
are safe to say that ICANN’s fame and credibility as a responsible and
accountable organization would surely be damaged and future work would
be jeopardized.

Secondly, community-based IDNs which seek to serve the interest of the
general public should receive priority status.

Despite the smaller number of IDNs in comparison to other forms of new
gTLDs, they actually represent the most special feature of this round
of application. Within the IDN group, those community-based and
public-interest-oriented gTLDs should be given further priority. IDN
and community-based TLDs are different from brand TLDs and should
receive additional protection. The general public has to trust that
these are run to the benefit of the Internet users and not to the
benefit of commercial investors.

Wang Rui,
Beijing, China

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