[Newgtld-input] New gTLD Batching by string contention

Rubens Kuhl rubensk at nic.br
Wed Sep 12 21:04:45 UTC 2012

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At the Sep 12 webinar on batching and metering ICANN made clear that although a metering solution is also required, batching has a limited time window to be decided so I'm focusing on batching. 

I realized that the selection of the applied-for string qualifies for an skill-based determination; in this case, knowledge of the domain industry. In the string selection, applicants were aware of contention set rules and the higher likelihood of some strings to end up in contention sets. This way, each contention set can be seen as its own batch, and as soon as contention sets are finalized, initial results could then be published. 

That could occur starting the end of the objection period for strings with no objections on any member of the contention set, and the initial evaluation results that were available could be published alongside the contention sets with final formation. If chained contention sets occur (A is in contention with B, B is in contention with C), then the larger set containing all linked contention sets would have to wait all its members to finish evaluation. 

Evaluation should still target maximum efficiency and not the release of more results, but as a contention set would always have to wait to its members to come to a determination, they are not being penalized for it. 

This batching criteria doesn't rely on categories, one of the observations in today's consultation, and this idea in different wording has been already proposed during the comment period; only the reasoning for it is believed to be new. 

Best Regards,

Rubens Kühl
rubensk at nic.br

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