[Register-URN] NAPTR registration request for the URN NID 'ddi'

Joachim Wackerow joachim.wackerow at posteo.de
Tue May 25 13:06:01 UTC 2021

Hello expert reviewers,


Please register following for the 'URN.ARPA' zone according to the template
in RFC 3405:


Key: ddi

Authority: DDI Alliance as specified in the document 'draft-urn-ddi-00',
available at https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-urn-ddi/00/. 

Record: ddi IN NAPTR 100 10 "" "" "" registry.ddialliance.org.


Please give me advice if the values for order and preference are appropriate
for this record.


The URN NID 'ddi' is a registered formal URN namespace, see


Thank you

Joachim Wackerow



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