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Thought I'd share James Blandel response to a query.


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Hi Anne -

Well, candidly, I think everyone has some interest in the outcomes of
Policy Development. Whether that’s direct, like those of us representing
our Employers of Clients, or indirect, like those seeking to further their
own career in government or academia, or to build a platform for future
business development.

I guess my point is that everyone is here on behalf of an interest, even if
it is theirs personally. And this is the lens through which we view the
“overall best interests of Internet users.” I may focus on the desire of an
Internet user / domain registrant to launch a business or blog in a
frictionless environment, unencumbered by confusing rules and regulations.
Others could focus on the trust element, that users should have a
reasonable level of confidence that people and organizations they are
engaging with online are trustworthy and who they claim to be. Another
group might want to participate online in a way that doesn’t expose them to
frivolous legal risk or compromise their individual privacy.

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that all of these legitimate
“overall best interests” can intersect in the same “Internet user”. We see
this in companies like GoDaddy, where we want the best experience for our
customers, but also want to protect them from common online scams and
fraud. We see people misappropriating our name & brand, and we hear
complaints from customers about their information being harvested for spam
& robocalls. I try to be mindful of all these interests, and bring them to
my work at ICANN.

So ultimately it is a question of balancing, rather than competing,
interests. I believe that all of the either-or, black-and-white problems
were solved decades ago, and we’ve now taken up permanent residence in a
nebulous gray area. Not sure if this was the response you were looking for,
but I hope it was helpful.



On Oct 12, 2017, 21:00 -0500, Aikman-Scalese, Anne <AAikman at lrrc.com>,

Thanks James.  This is a good reminder.  Just seeking a clarification on
one point:

[image: cid:image001.png at 01D3436A.29F43160]

Would you say that PDPs are characterized by individuals acting in the
overall best interests of Internet users and the security and stability of
the Internet  “irrespective of personal interests and the interests of the
entity to which an individual might owe their appointment”?

Wouldn’t it be a bit strange if we expected representatives of  various
entities that have a financial stake in the GNSO policy process to take
positions and make contributions counter to the interests of their
employers when participating in PDPs?   (Honestly interested in your candid
thoughts on this.)

Thank you,


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Sent on behalf of the GNSO Council leadership team


Dear Colleagues -

Several recent interactions on PDP working group calls and mailing lists
have been referred to the GNSO Chairs (Heather, Donna, and I).  After
review, our level of concern is such that we felt a refresher on ICANN's
Expected Standards of Behavior was warranted.  A link to this document is
provided below, but in general terms we are asking all participants in PDP
working groups to elevate the level of discourse on calls and mailing lists
to reflect a respectful and professional environment for our work.

With this in mind, don’t attack fellow volunteers personally, or question
their motives, or presume to know their positions without giving them a
chance to present it.  Humor (especially sarcasm) doesn’t go over well in
emails or AC chat sessions, and usually doesn’t translate at all.  Refrain
from escalating or retaliating to negative comments.  And, above all,
remember that our shared objective is not to “win” on any given issue, but
to seek out and build upon areas of common understanding.

The Expected Standards of Behavior can be found here:
 I know we’re all accustomed to just “click through” this text when joining
a meeting, but I’m now asking everyone take a minute to two to review it

Thank you for your help with this matter.



James Bladel

GNSO Chair


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