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Two reasons, in my mind.

- Although I don't know how often it happens, by submitting a reply early, (or in this case a partial reply), you give others the chance to rebut it. By submitting at the last moment, there is no such potential.

- We have seen multiple times when people make draft versions public while the discussion is still going on, and others from outside the group start treating them as "official statements" of the group. We are still suffering from the perception that ATLAS III will cost $5,000,000 because it showed up on one individual's slide at one point. "It was in a PowerPoint slide deck, it MUST be official."


At 22/12/2018 12:01 PM, Jonathan Zuck wrote:

I guess I'm not sure why privacy is important here. Just do the work in a public living document

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Hello all,

On 19/12/2018 17:20, Greg Shatan wrote:

EPDP Leadership chose to utilize Google Forms because Google automatically sorts and organizes answers to questions, which will expedite the process of compiling comments received.

To put this in more concrete terms, Google Forms automatically flows the answers through to a spreadsheet, where each submitter gets their own row, and each question gets its own column.  Voila, each each cell contains a single party’s answer to a single question.  This saves untold hours of cutting and pasting.  The spreadsheet also tabulates the answers to multiple choice questions.

My point is that for ICANN communities that submit a Statement on behalf of a constituency and therefore not a personal comment, this is a false economy, as the cut/paste work now either needs to be done by At-Large Staff, or by unpaid volunteers. Pushing the work to the edges, is an unfair way to save money at the core.
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