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I think it should be the first option (Restrict application to those to
whom GDPR applies). I understand that the logistics behind all this are
difficult and expensive but our role is not to let everyone relax and go
about their day but to help set good standards that will benefit the
average European user. If GDPR isn't implemented correctly it will soon be
treated as a joke and no one will take it seriously. I see too many people
today that treat it as an annoyance and not as a protection. As to "there
is virtually no way that they can or are willing to make the distinction" I
think they should stop complaining and figure it out. If others have done
it then so can they. GDPR shouldn't be seen as a pointless formality but as
a serious protection for all of us and we should fight for its credibility.
If the gentlemen can't write the code that determines a user's location I
can provide them with the contact info of a few engineers here in Athens,
Greece that are well informed on GDPR and know how to code.

Kind regards,
Pantelis Kassotis

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>    1. [CPWG] EPDP: Geographic distinction (Alan Greenberg)
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> GDPR is applicable to residents of the EU by companies resident there
> and worldwide.
> One of the issues is whether contracted parties should be allowed or
> required to distinguish between those who are resident there and elsewhere.
> There is agreement that such distinction should be allowed, but EPDP
> is divided on whether it should be required. The GAC/BC/IPC want to
> see the distinction made, and at least one very large contracted
> party does already make the distinction. Other contracted parties are
> pushing back VERY strongly saying that there is virtually no way that
> the can or are willing to make the distinction.
> The current (confusing) state of the working document is attached.
> Which side should ALAC come down on?
> - Restrict application to those to whom GDPR applies?
> - Apply universally ignoring residence?
> As usual, quick replies requested.
> Alan
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