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Bill Silverstein icann-list at sorehands.com
Tue Sep 4 17:01:19 UTC 2018

  You are completely wrong on the End-users perspective. The End-Users
would want to easy and full access to the registrant info. That is only
when they want to know who sent an e-mail or who owns the web site.

-- Bill

On Tue, September 4, 2018 7:11 am, Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> Hi Roberto,
> As just one example:
> Registrants will want the definition of abuse defined as narrowly as
> possible, to perhaps only activity that is a major crime (ie, a felony in
> the US) in the country where the domain is registered. This would allow
> the
> bad-actor registrants to go location-shopping for the most lax
> jurisdictions, a practise already clearly in evidence even for registries
> seeking tax havens.
> End-users will want a broader definition that will extend to what is
> illegal or regulated in the country where the abuse takes place (ie,
> phishing, election tampering etc) takes place.
> Generally registrants will want access to data as minimal and difficult as
> possible, in ways that will not only fail to curtail current levels of
> abuse but could inflame them. End users will want broader levels of
> accountability than registrants want to give, and may want to enable
> investigations of abuse to be conducted by organisations not strictly
> defined as law-enforcement (human rights groups, for example).
> As I've said, usually the interests of registrants and end users are
> aligned. We have to be able to deal with those rare-but-real instances
> where they are not. Yes, compromise is possible, but only if first there
> is
> a strong and clear advocate for (and at very least understanding of!)
> registrant accountability. No other community or constituency except
> At-Large even has an interest to serve as that advocate, and most other
> parts of ICANN (most certainly registrants) are already pushing for little
> or zero accountability.
> Cheers,
> Evan
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