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Derek Smythe derek at aa419.org
Thu Sep 13 17:16:23 UTC 2018

There are always two sides to a story with the truth somewhere in

The irony: In a recent fraud case domain grandlin.co.nz was registered
via a German registrar with fake registration data, belonging to a
real NZ business (in the motor trade). Then content was stolen from a
Greek manufacturer of boots to create a fake NZ business. In turn
another domain was registered to spoof the Army. The fake army domain
then sent out tender requests to businesses. Take a guess what - all
of them won the tender. Once the companies had prepaid for the orders
... then nothing.

In at least one case reported to law enforcement (the typical panacea
for domain abuse) a woman not only lost her business leaving her deep
in debt, but with all her personal details supplied to criminals, also
forcing her to lay off staff.

Sad fact: there will never be justice or restitution for her or her
employees. At least seven other small business are known about that
came to collect their orders at a fake address of a business not
involved (also in the motor trade).

This is also not the only .co.nz domain we are aware of begin abused

That is why, when I see these cases and knowing what is REALLY
happening, when privacy is touted in an unbalanced way, I get sick:
Club registrant/registrar/ICANN trumps law and order, also human rights.

Derek Smythe
Artists Against 419

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